Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart? Comprehensive Guide

Discover Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart effortlessly without disassembling it. Find out how to move your Sleep Number bed effortlessly today!


If you are moving to a new house or rearranging your bedroom, you may find the idea of disassembling and reassembling larger bedroom furniture items, such as a Sleep Number Bed, daunting. The good news is that with the right approach, you can move a Sleep Number Bed without taking it apart. We will discuss various methods and tips to enable you to accomplish this task in a seamless manner.

Assessing Your Sleep Number Bed

In order to move your Sleep Number Bed without disassembly, it is important to assess its current condition prior to embarking on this journey. It is important to check the mattress for any damages and loose components beforehand to ensure a smoother move. Here are the steps:

Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart
Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart
  • Bed Frame Inspection: The bedframe, support structure, and legs should be stable and secure.You should inspect the air chambers for leaks or punctures, and if any are found, you should consider repairing or replacing them.
  • Control System: The control system should be tested to ensure it is functioning properly. This includes any wired connections and the remote control.
  • Mattress: Ensure that the mattress is clean and in good condition by inspecting it carefully for tears and wear and tear.

Gathering the Right Tools and Materials

To move your Sleep Number Bed without disassembly, you’ll need some essential tools and materials:

  • Mattress Bag: Make sure your mattress is well protected during transportation by investing in a high-quality mattress bag.
  • Moving Straps: Moving straps will help you lift and carry the bed more efficiently.
  • Furniture Sliders: They are useful for moving beds across the floor without causing any damage to the surface.To secure the mattress and other components in place, you will need packing tape
  • Blankets and Padding: Use blankets or padding to shield the bed from bumps and scratches.

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Your Sleep Number Bed

 Clear the Path

Before you begin moving the bed, clear the path from your bedroom to the destination. Remove any obstacles or tripping hazards to ensure a smooth transition.

Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart
Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart

Remove Bedding and Accessories

Strip the bed of all bedding, pillows, and accessories. This includes sheets, blankets, and any additional mattress toppers.

SDeflate the Air Chambers

One advantage of a Sleep Number Bed is its adjustable firmness, thanks to the air chambers. To make the bed easier to move, deflate the air chambers to their lowest setting.

Secure the Mattress

Place the deflated mattress inside a mattress bag. Use packing tape to secure the bag tightly, ensuring no part of the mattress is exposed.

Disengage the Bed Frame

If your Sleep Number Bed has a separate bed frame or support structure, disengage it from the head and foot of the bed. This will make the bed lighter and more manageable to move.

Lift and Slide

With the help of a partner, lift the mattress and carefully slide the entire bed to its new location. If you have furniture sliders, place them under the bed’s legs to make sliding even smoother.

Reassemble (If Necessary)

Once the bed is in its new location, reassemble any detached components, such as the bed frame or support structure.


Moving a Sleep Number Bed without taking it apart is indeed possible with the right preparations and a methodical approach. By assessing your bed’s condition, gathering the necessary tools, and following the step-by-step guide, you can relocate your Sleep Number Bed without hassle. Remember to take your time and prioritize safety to ensure your bed arrives at its new destination in perfect condition, ready to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart

It is possible to move a Sleep Number bed without disassembling it. However, there are some important steps to follow to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation?

What Preparations Should I Make Before Moving My Sleep Number Bed?

The air chambers of your Sleep Number bed must be completely deflated before moving. Use the remote control or the Sleep Number app to release the air from both sides of the bed. This step is essential to prevent damage to the air chambers during movement.

Do I Need to Remove the Mattress Topper?

If the mattress topper can be removed, it is advisable to do so. This will make the bed lighter and easier to maneuver. If it cannot be removed, you can secure it with straps or tape.

How Should I Protect the Bed During Transit?

You can protect your Sleep Number bed during the move by covering it with a mattress bag or heavy-duty plastic sheet. This will protect it from dirt, dust, and scratches. Also, furniture blankets can provide additional protection and padding.

Can I Transport the Sleep Number Bed in One Piece?

You can transport the Sleep Number bed as a single unit by carefully lifting it from the base once the air chambers have been deflated and any removable components have been secured. It is important to enlist the assistance of a friend or family member to ensure a safe and smooth move. Due to the bulky nature of the bed, be cautious when entering and exiting doorways and tight spaces.

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