Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for information on whether you Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper? Check out this comprehensive guide that answers all your questions about cleaning and maintaining your Sleep Number mattress topper.


It is important to understand that when it comes to sleep quality, your mattress has a very important role to play. Sleep Number mattresses have become increasingly popular due to their adjustable comfort settings, but what about the topper? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the topic “Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper?” and provide you with all the information you need to keep your Sleep Number toppers in top notch condition.

Exploring the Sleep Number Topper

Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper
Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper

What Is a Sleep Number Topper?

The first step in cleaning a Sleep Number bed is to understand what a Sleep Number topper is. A Sleep Number topper is a cushioning layer that sits on top of your mattress. It enhances comfort, provides additional support, and will make your sleep experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Why Clean Your Sleep Number Topper?

It is essential that you clean your mattress topper on a regular basis not only for hygiene reasons, but also to ensure that it continues to work properly for many years to come. Over time, dust, allergens, and stains can accumulate on the mattress topper, affecting your sleep in the long run.

Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper
Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper

Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper?

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the issue, shall we?

Cleaning the Sleep Number Topper

Fortunately, you are able to clean your Sleep Number topper. Here is how:

  • If you have small stains or spills, you should begin by spot cleaning. To do this, use a mild detergent mixed with water and a soft cloth to gently dab the affected area. Do not saturate the topper.
  • If you wish to wash your sleep topper routinely, consider using a front-loading washing machine with cold water and a gentle cycle. Check the care instructions provided by Sleep Number for your specific model of topper.
  • Drying: After washing, it’s crucial to let your topper dry completely. Use a large-capacity dryer on a low heat setting or air dry if your model allows it.

Dos and Don’ts

  • For specific instructions regarding the care of your Sleep Number topper, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Don’t use bleach, harsh detergents, or high heat when cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Topper?

Generally, it should be cleaned every three to six months for regular maintenance. However, if something is spilled, it should be addressed immediately.

Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper
Can You Wash Sleep Number Topper

Protecting Your Topper

To extend the lifespan of your Sleep Number topper, consider using a mattress protector. As a result of this additional layer, your mattress topper will be protected from spills, dust, and allergens, which makes it easier to clean.

Q: Can I remove the cover for washing?

There are some Sleep Number topper models that come with removable covers that can be machine washed. You should check the care instructions to determine whether your cover can be removed.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean my topper?

Yes, you can remove dust and allergens from your toppers by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

What if my topper is heavily soiled?

If your mattress topper is heavily soiled, you may wish to consider professional cleaning services. Sleep Number may be able to provide you with recommendations for cleaning professionals.

Can I tumble dry my topper?

It is possible to tumble dry some models, but it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are there alternative cleaning methods?

The most common method of washing Sleep Number furniture is by machine, but some owners choose to use upholstery cleaners designed for delicate fabrics instead.

Can cleaning my topper affect its warranty?

Generally, cleaning your topper in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions should not void your warranty. Please consult the warranty information provided with your topper for further information.


Maintaining and cleaning your Sleep Number topper is not only possible but essential for a restful night’s sleep. By following the manufacturer’s care instructions and these guidelines, you can keep your topper in excellent condition for years to come.

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