How Much Weight Can a Pop Up Camper Bed Hold? Explained with Examples!

While taking your campers on a trip, worrying about the weight limits is completely normal. It varies according to the model. 

So, do you want to know how much weight can a pop up camper bed hold?

On average, a pop-up camper bed can hold about 800-1200 lbs. It might be more or less depending on the model. Although newer models can hold more weight than older models built in the 90s. You can check the weight limit on the camper bed owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer. 

But, there’s still much more to know. So, be sure to read till the end. 

Popular Pop-Up Camper Beds Weight Limit 

As mentioned before, different camper beds have different weight limits. Still, we have enlisted the limits and pricing of some of the popular camper beds. Let’s look at them:

Pop-up Camper Bed ModelWeight LimitPrice
Forest River Rockwood ESP 1910ESP769 lb$15000-$16000
Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD778 lb$12000-$14000
Flagstaff High Wall HW29SC1437 lb$18000-$20000
Rockwood HW276547 lb$9500-$11500
Jayco Jay Series Sport 10SD680 lb$5000-$8000
Fleetwood’s Evolution E1215 lb$6000-$9000
Starcraft Comet 12241095 lb$9500-$13500

As you can see some camper beds like the Rockwood HW276 are quite below the 800 lb mark. On the other hand, The Flagstaff High Wall is well above the 1200 lb mark. So, the variations are unlimited.

camper beds have different weight limits
Source: cheyennecampingcenter

However, the pricing for these campers doesn’t depend directly on this. Other features and utilities available in the camper affect the pricing too. That’s why even though the Fleetwood can hold more weight, the Forest River is more pricy. 

Not to mention, second-hand or retailed camper beds will cost you less than new ones. However, in that case, you have to inspect the camper bed thoroughly to identify any potential damage.

Hybrid Camper Bed Weight limit

Hybrid campers refer to hard-sided travel trailers with a pop-out canvas bed. It’s a mix between pop-up campers and fully enclosed travel trailers.

Hybrid Camper Bed Weight limit
Source: leartorv

In hybrid campers, the average bed limit is higher, approximately 1000-1200 lbs. 

Where to Find Pop-up Camper Bed Weight Limit?

You might have camper beds that differ from the models we mentioned. If you want to know their weight limit, just check these three options:

  1. Owner’s Manual: In most cases, the weight limit is mentioned in the camper bed owner’s manual. However, Jayco and Forest River models don’t have this information in the manual. 
  2. Sticker: Some camper beds have their weight limit mentioned in a sticker attached to the bed. You can usually find it near the bunk end. 
  3. Manufacturer: If none of these options are available, contact the manufacturer. They’ll inform you about the weight limit of the exact model you seek. 

The limit is usually denoted by the expression CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity).

How to Add Extra Support to The Camper Beds?

Although being careful about the weight, there’ve been incidents where the campers collapse. This may happen if the camper beds are too hold or out of inspection.

To prevent these problems from happening, you can use a ratcheting cargo bar. It’ll provide extra support for the camper bed. Here are some adjustments you can make:

  • To strengthen the ground support, you can make a screw-type adjustment (in 2X6s)
extra support for camper bed
Source: camperlife
  • For the front bunk make a T- shape and for the back bunk, make a H-shape. Even if it’s not adjustable, these should be made with 2X4s. 

You can watch this video to find some of the best ratcheting cargo bars in the market:

What Happens If You Exceed The Weight Limit?

Exceeding the weight standards damages the frame of the camper bed. Over time the frame becomes so compromised that accidents are bound to happen. The bed won’t be able to hold the strains of rough wind or pets and children jumping. 

Thus, it’s better to always keep on the lower side of the highest limit. 

Pop-Up Camper Bed Safety Tips

Aside from not crossing the weight standards, here are some tips to consider:

  • Ensure Bed Supports are in Place: While extending the pop-up camper bed, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the supports or stabilizers aren’t adjusted properly, the bed won’t be able to handle the weight. 
  • Inspect The Camper Bed: One of the best ways to avoid problems is regular inspection. Check if the supports and stabilizers are damaged before every use. Look for rust spots. See if the frame is being compromised over time. 

With that, your camper bed should be enough safe. Although, still if your dog doesn’t want to go to bed, that’s a different story. 

Make Your Pop-Up Camper Bed More Comfortable- 3 Tips!

Now we know how to maintain the weight limit of our camper beds. But, it’s also necessary to get a good night’s sleep in them. So you can invest in these three things to make your camper bed more comfortable:


When buying a mattress for your camper bed, thoroughly measure the dimensions. The camper has to have enough space for the mattress. Usually, mattresses with 8 inches in thickness and memory foam are comfortable. Look for the best camper mattress picks. 

After purchasing and using the mattress for a long time, you might notice air bubbles. In that case, you’ll have to learn how to fix the bubbles in your air mattress

Bed Sheets And Eggshell Topper:

While travelling you can never be too sure of the weather. So, it’s a must to have a sheet that is suitable for all weather conditions. For example, bamboo sheets are moisture-wicking, odor-repellent, and cool. They’re made from natural bamboo fiber.

Additionally using an eggshell topper will relieve muscle pain. It also supports the back and neck. You can watch this video for recommendations:

Tire Leveler:

Tire levelers aren’t directly related to your camper bed. But you’ll need it for a good night’s sleep. It’ll anchor your camper so it doesn’t move around or shift while you’re sleeping. It’s much better than using ramps or blocks. Look for the best levelers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many people can sleep in a pop-up camper?

Generally, 6 people can sleep comfortably in a pop-up camper. Some campers have higher weight limits enough space is also necessary for a good night’s sleep. 

Is a camper better than a tent?

Yes, a camper is better than a tent. A camper provides more safety from animals, bugs, or any other elements. It can be locked for further protection. You’ll be able to feel the excitement of camping while still enjoying the home-like safety. 

How much weight can a camper roof hold?

Generally, a camper roof can hold about 300 lbs. That means it’s good enough to support 3 or 4 people. Although it may vary depending on the model. 

Bottom Line!

We hope now you know everything necessary regarding how much weight can a pop-up camper bed hold. Still, we’d like you to know one last thing. With proper care and maintenance, your pop-up camper can last more than fifteen years. Thank you for reading the whole article!

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