Can You Order Replacement Parts for a Sleep Number Bed? Comprehensive Guide

Discover Can You Order Replacement Parts for a Sleep Number Bed how to easily replace parts for your Sleep Number bed! Get the comfort you deserve with our step-by-step guide.


Sleep is essential for our overall well-being, and the quality of our sleep often depends on the comfort of our beds. Sleep Number beds have gained popularity for their customizable comfort, but what happens when parts wear out or need to be replaced? What are the options for replacing parts on a Sleep Number bed? We will explore the world of Sleep Number beds in this comprehensive guide, and we will learn how to maintain yours in great condition.

Understanding Sleep Number Beds

Let’s first take a closer look at what Sleep Number beds are all about before we order replacement parts.

In addition to being renowned for their adjustability, Sleep Number beds also come with an air chamber that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the firmness of your mattress. Hence the name “Sleep Number,” these beds are highly sought after for their comfort and support as they indicate firmness by a number. You can customize the firmness level to suit your preferences.

Can You Order Replacement Parts for a Sleep Number Bed
Can You Order Replacement Parts for a Sleep Number Bed

Common Sleep Number Bed Issues

Sleep Number beds are durable: but they are not invincible. Here are some common issues that may necessitate replacement parts:

Air Leak: If you notice your bed losing air, it could be due to a leak in the air chambers or hoses.

Malfunctioning Pump: The pump controls the air pressure in the mattress. A malfunctioning pump can disrupt your sleep comfort.

Sagging or Indentations: Over time, the foam comfort layer may show signs of wear, leading to sagging or indentations.

Remote Control Problems: If your remote control stops working, you may need a replacement to adjust your Sleep Number settings.

The Anatomy of a Sleep Number Bed

For a better understanding of how Sleep Number replacement parts work, let us examine the basic components of the bed:

  • In mattresses, air chambers adjust the firmness level of the mattress. These chambers are usually made of materials of high quality and durability.
  • A foam comfort layer provides cushioning and support to the mattress, enhancing its overall comfort.
  • It protects the internal components of the mattress and ensures that it lasts a long time. The cover of a Sleep Number bed is designed to be durable and easy to clean.

Now that we’ve got a grasp of what makes up a Sleep Number bed, let’s address the question: Can you order replacement parts?

Ordering Replacement Parts

You are able to order replacement parts for your Sleep Number mattress. Sleep Number Corporation provides excellent customer support and offers a range of replacement parts to ensure that your mattress will last a long time.

Common Replacement Parts

Here are some of the most common replacement parts you might need for your Sleep Number bed:

  • The air chambers in your bed may leak or wear out over time. Sleep Number offers replacement air chambers for a variety of models of beds.
  • In the event that your foam comfort layers become damaged or lose their plushness, you may wish to order replacements in order to rejuvenate the mattress.
  • If the pump and remote control fail, you can easily order replacements. Pumps and remote controls are crucial components for adjusting the firmness of your bed.
  • Covers: Accidents happen, and covers can get stained or torn. Sleep Number provides replacement covers to keep your mattress looking and feeling fresh.

How to Order Replacement Parts

Ordering replacement parts for your Sleep Number bed is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

Can You Order Replacement Parts for a Sleep Number Bed
Can You Order Replacement Parts for a Sleep Number Bed
  • Identify the Issue: First, identify which part of your bed needs replacement. Is it the air chamber, foam layers, pump, remote, or the cover?
  • Contact Sleep Number Customer Support: Reach out to Sleep Number’s customer support through their website or by phone. Explain the issue and let them know which part you need.
  • Provide Bed Information: To ensure you receive the correct replacement part, provide your bed’s model and serial number. This information is usually found on a label attached to the bed.
  • Your order will be processed by Sleep Number, and you will receive the replacement part at your home.

Can You Order Replacement Parts for a Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number provides instructions for replacing the air chambers in your Sleep Number bed, and you can easily follow them.

How often do I need to replace parts in my Sleep Number bed?

As a rule of thumb, most parts can last for several years with proper maintenance. The frequency of replacements varies based on usage and care.

3. Are replacement parts covered under warranty?

You may be eligible for a warranty on Sleep Number products, and replacement parts may be covered under certain circumstances. Check your warranty terms for more information.

Can I upgrade my Sleep Number bed with newer components?

Occasionally, Sleep Number releases updated components. When ordering replacement parts, you can inquire about upgrades.

5. Is it cost-effective to replace parts or buy a new bed?

In many cases, replacing parts is more cost-effective than buying a new bed, especially if your mattress is still in good condition.

How do I clean and maintain my Sleep Number bed?

To ensure the longevity of your bed and its components, follow Sleep Number’s care and maintenance guidelines provided with your purchase.


As a result, we can assure you that you can order replacement parts for your Sleep Number bed in a resounding yes. Sleep Number Corporation understands the importance of maintaining your comfort and sleep quality. In addition to providing a straightforward ordering process and a broad array of replacement parts, you may be able to enjoy your Sleep Number bed for many years to come.

In the event that you are experiencing any problems with your Sleep Number mattress, please contact Sleep Number’s customer service team. They will guide you through the process of ordering replacement parts.

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