Bubble Trouble? Fix Your Air Mattress Bubble Easily!

Who does not like a cozy warm bed? But that very same bed can make you paranoid with a big bulky bubble, rising without any sign of going down. Are you suffering from bubbles in your mattress and asking yourself-

“How to fix that annoying bubble in my air mattress?

To fix the bubble, you need to deflate the mattress completely and put some pressure on the bubble. If you see any leakage or baffles, then it will need some repairing. Furthermore, the bubble can show up again if you are not careful!

So, eager to know more about how to fix that pesky problem once and for all? Find out how to do it in our detailed troubleshooting guide.

What Causes the Pesky Bubbles in My Air Mattress?

From all common reasons, inflating too much pressure, and crossing weight limit are the highlights for bubbles in air mattresses. If you are still thinking, “Why does my air mattress have a bulge?”

Then the best answer can be aging. A branded air mattress can easily serve you for more than 5 years. However, the durability definitely depends on how you take care of it.

Why does my air mattress have a bulge
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So, let’s check out some details on why the bubbling of your air mattress comes to life!


Do you carefully inflate your air mattress or leave it in God’s hands? If the latter is true for you then you can already guess something is wrong. Air mattresses are meant to take a certain level of pressure. 

If you go overboard, then the patches can come apart. In most cases, air mattresses can take anywhere between 40 to 90 mmHg of air pressure. So, not adhering to a manual can be a big reason for the air mattress to bubble up!


Did you put too much pressure on your air mattress recently? Or was there a legendary pillow fight happening the day before you noticed the bulge? In both cases, the reason for the pesky bubble is putting the weight limit to the test!

If you may have missed this at the time of buying, every mattress comes with a weight limit. Crossing that limit marginally won’t affect the components.

However, when the weight is overbearing, then you will notice some symptoms that indicate the breaking down of your mattress. So make sure to look at the weight capacity mentioned in the mattress guide. 


If you are using your mattress for a long time, chances are it has aged to its limits. Some air mattresses can surely last up to 10 years but they are quite rare. 

So, aging can be a crucial factor when a bubble or two have come to play inside your mattress.

Manufacturing Defect:

Sometimes, it’s just that you are at the short end of the straw. Out of the millions of mattresses a particular brand makes, yours might have been the unlucky one. There’s nothing much to do about it.

That’s why you need to make sure that your mattress is defect-free straight out of the box. Furthermore, look for an air mattress that has a limited-time warranty so that you can easily replace that. 

Is it Safe to Sleep on an Air Mattress with a Bubble?

It’s not entirely dangerous to sleep on an air mattress. However, it is definitely a major concern if your air mattress suddenly develops a big bulge. Here are the disadvantages that you have to deal with-

  • Discomfort while sleeping. 
  • Neck pain and muscle soreness.
  • Damaging the air mattress more.
  • Possibility of rupture which can cause major injuries.

How To Fix a Bulge In an Air Mattress?

You have to be very careful while fixing the bubble on your air mattress as you can permanently damage it. In such an instance, you won’t even be able to sell your used mattress whether it’s illegal or not.

So, let’s find out how to properly take care of the air bubble!

Step 1 of 5: Let Out The Air

First of all, clear out all the air properly from your air mattress. If you have an electric one, then all you need to do is press the deflate button and wait. Meanwhile, you can gather the patch repair kit and clean anything that is on your mattress.

Step 2 of 5: Make the Bubble Pop

By pop, we don’t mean what this guy just did-

Wait for the air mattress to get deflated properly and then put some pressure onto the bubble. The pressure allows the air stuck inside the chamber to leave. If the bubble still does not disappear, then you will have to check the stitching and baffles.

Onto the next step!

Step 3 of 5: Patch Any Undone Baffle

If you are experienced in repairing undone baffles in the air mattress, you should do that. When the mattress is deflated, you can carefully check every chamber and find out the leak.

Patch Any Undone Baffle
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If there’s a leak, that needs to be fixed. A good quality patch repair kit can help you a lot in this case. Any PVC stitch repair patch is more than enough to fix the baffles. However, try not to use too much at once!

Step 4 of 5: Reinflate the Mattress Slowly

When the patches are done fixing, you can begin to inflate the air mattress again. Don’t rush the process. Be slow, steady, and patient with your already disproportionate airy buddy!

Once the air pressure is just right, check the mattress carefully for any new bubbles or bulges.

Step 5 of 5: Inspect Your Mattress

If you see there’s no improvement in the size of the bubble, then there’s nothing more to do. You just have to get a new one and throw your used mattress in a proper place. 

You will find tons of great options on a budget such as INTEX Dura-Beam Deluxe Air Mattress or EnerPlex Air Mattress. Both are quite popular in the sub-$50 category.

Now, let’s learn about some ways to take care of your air mattress so it doesn’t act up again!

How to Prevent Bubbles in Your Air Mattress?

Preventing air bubbles can be easy if you follow certain guidelines such as air inflation, weight limit, and so on. Read more to find out how it’s done-

Inflate Properly:

Always maintain the proper air pressure range set by the manufacturer. You will find it in the specifications of the air mattress or you can look in the manual. Ideally, 40-90 mmHg is the standard range for air mattresses.

So, try to follow that whenever you inflate yours!

Maintain Weight Limit:

Similar to the pressure range, the weight limit should also be maintained. Putting too much weight on a mattress can tear the inner stitching and chambers can come undone.

Balancing the weight of your mattress can help a lot in long-term durability.

Avoid Extreme Conditions:

Do you know that air can expand in extreme heat? If you tend to use the air mattress outdoors, it can cause the pressure inside the mattress to expand. As a result, your mattress can have some weird protrusions.

Avoid Extreme Conditions
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Once in a while, it’s completely fine to let loose but don’t make it a habit!

Regular Maintenance:

Try to check the condition of your air mattress every month to know if there’s any problem. Minor issues can be fixed without much time and effort. However, once it’s out of your control, there will be no way left!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why do air mattresses go flat?

Air mattresses can go flat due to cold temperatures. In a cold environment, the air inside the mattress can condense and it will feel shrunk. However, the air mass did not decrease, it just decreased in volume.

How do I check for leaks in my air mattress?

First, create a water solution with dish soap or any foamy soap. Then, properly inflate the mattress. Spray soapy water solution on the mattress surface. If you observe any growing bubble then there’s a leak at that location.

When should I replace my air mattress?

If you notice the bubble in your air mattress getting bigger, it’s best to replace that with a new one. Not only will it affect your sleep but it will also put you in harm’s way. So, it’s best to replace it before anything severe happens.


Now you know all the causes and the guide on how to fix air bubbles in your mattress. A minor bulge won’t hamper your daily life but a large one can be a pain.

So, try to fix the mattress ASAP or get a new one!

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