Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed Purrsistently?

Your feline friend can become quite curious and unpredictable at times, don’t they? One day you come home and see your cat digging into your bed.

So, why is your cat digging on your bed fanatically?

Cats usually dig when they feel a bit active or stressed. They are in constant need of attention, especially at night time when they feel hyperactive. Moreover, cats have a habit of marking their territories and the digging can be a result of that as well.

All in all, there can be numerous reasons why your cat has suddenly started to dig. Fear not as we will guide you to understand to decode your feline behavior in full detail!

What Do Cats Prefer to Dig?

Apart from your bed or bed sheets, cats prefer to dig in numerous objects at your home. While you might not have noticed it earlier after they became purrsistent, it’s easy to observe them.

cats prefer to dig
Source: The spurce pets

Cats usually have their digging activities with bedding (pillows, blankets, sheets), furniture, hardwood floors, clothing, gardening, and so on. You can also notice similar digging patterns on beds and couches for dogs!

Thus, don’t think for a second that they are done with just your bedding, they can be quite sneaky with their digging!

Why Is My Cat Digging The Blanket?

Compared to digging, cats usually engage in an activity called kneading if they are more concerned with your blanket. Often called “making biscuits”, it is an expression of happiness where cats remember their kittenhood.

Compared to unpredictable digging, this activity comes from when kittens knead to stimulate the milk flow from their mother. So, this expression comes from contentment and happy memories. 

And if you have been on the receiving end of kneading, then you know how incredible it feels!

Why Does My Cat Dig In My Clothes?

Now, is digging in your clothes the same as kneading? Well, different cat persons have had different opinions in this regard. Usually, cats find it playful to get your clothes and dig a hole into them! Also, they feel more connected to you when they sit on the pile of your clothes and get the familiar smell.

why does my cat dig in my clothes
Source: reddit.com

Now, let’s get to the bottom of what lies beneath all the digging that your cats have been doing!

Reasons Why Cats Scratch Bed Sheets!

As mentioned before, there can be numerous reasons for grabbing attention to health issues that can be the cause.

So, let’s start to investigate with a little more depth!

Attention Seeking: 

The first and foremost reason for your cat to behave that way is to grab your attention. It’s quite a simple formula but it always works in the favor of your cat. 

Do you even remember a time when your feline buddy did something unpredictable and failed to grab attention? Well, then you can understand why they do that. 

In some cases, cats become playful as well, mostly in the dusk and dawn. At those times, cats become quite active and try to be energetic around you. 

At night, when you’re just about to go to sleep, you see your cat behaving quite enthusiastically about digging. If that’s the case, then chances are high that they just want to play more.

So, try to give some attention to your cat and then go on to do your everyday tasks. Maintaining a playtime schedule with your cat can help you with this. 

Territory Marking:

Cats tend to mark their territory once in a while. They usually use scent-marking and usually the scents are secreted when they dig or scratch. If you have brought some new pets or equipment, then they can get a bit overwhelmed.

Scent GlandsUnique scent left by cats when they dig or scratch
Social InteractionMaintaining bonds through the scents
Marking TerritoryCommunicating their presence and authority
Behavioral ChangesSmall changes indicating a shift in the emotional state

As a result, they mark their territories by leaving their scents and not allowing others to trespass. Furthermore, you will notice a slight shift in how they interact with their body. 

Also, remember that cats after giving birth can do some digging to mark their territories. So, try to be careful about the bedding change after cats give birth.

Something Fishy:

If your cat has suddenly become a menace in bed, check if they are acting strange. Are they behaving a bit weirdly? In some cases, the digging can come from a mystery! Yes, you heard that right. They can plot a thing or two very well.

why does my cat keep digging on my bed
Source: Pexels.com

Cats tend to dig when they have acquired something and want to hide it. Whether it’s a small toy, bowl, or any other household item, you can never be too sure!

So, look for anything that is not in its usual place. The cat might be onto something!

Stress Relieving:

You might have already known that cats too can have stress, and all of the psychological issues that we face. So, it should be no surprise to you if your cat feels stressed because of the environment changes.

Have you moved your furniture recently? Or someone new is coming to your house frequently? Cats can get intimidated by those reasons.

So, try to understand the emotional state of your precious buddy!

Inappropriate Urination:

Your cat can show unconventional behavior due to cat UTI or urination problems. Cats usually suffer from Lower Urinary Tract Diseases, and that can change how they behave.

If they paw on your bed or scratch the bed all of a sudden, then you should consult a vet as soon as possible.

Oh! Sometimes, all they need is a good little poop! It’s normal for cats to get confused or stressed and choose a different spot for excretion. 

So, if you notice odd behavior on the bed, gently put your cat in the litter box.

How to Stop My Cat From Digging Fanatically?

It is not that difficult to take the mind of your feline buddy from all the digging and scratching. Here’s how you can easily achieve that-

Set up a Cat Scratching Post

You will find decent enough scratching posts for your cat in any online store. The posts can come at various prices. For example, SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is an all-around choice for any cat buddies.

Or you can choose the more affordable MECool Cat Scratching Post Premium. Both are excellent choices if you wish to steer the mind away from the bed of your cat!

Training & Learning:

Your cat is a smart yet cunning friend! If you give enough time then they will learn to know what they can and can’t do. You can start to use negative expressions and repetitive practices to make your cat know.

While it can be tough to implement, it can surely have a great positive impact!

Let There Be Outside Activities:

Never should you confine your cat to a single space for too long! Let it explore, go outside, and play in the garden. Make it as comfortable as it can be so that they don’t become stressed or lethargic.

It will also be quite the exercise when your cat explores by itself. So, let it loose once in a while.

Lots of Exercises:

You should try to implement different training for your cat before you sleep or in the evening. The interactive catnip fishing pole toy provides great exercise for your cat. All the exercise keeps the cat busy for hours.

implement different training for your cat
Source: Hepper.com

So, when you plan to go to sleep, you’ll see that your cat is also tired for the day! Solving your cat’s digging issue quite promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does it mean when cats lick you?

Licking is a sign of affection and comfort that your cat shows you. It means your cat feels sociable and happy in your company. It can also mean leaving a scent to groom you.

Should I be worried if my cat digs on my bed?

If your cat is doing the digging just to play with you, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if the behavior has changed suddenly, then there can be some underlying issues.

What if the digging persists after trying these suggestions?

You should always consult a vet if your cat is acting strange all of a sudden. It is best to get a personalized and customized solution to your specific problem. 


There you have it, a proper dissection on why your cat is digging on your bed. While we tried our best to cover most of the details, your cat may have other concerns too!

So, it’s always best to consult an expert and get a full inspection of your feline friend. Don’t wait for anything bad to happen!

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